Hi guys!

My name is Annamarie and for the last year I embarked on a great experiment: I lived without TV or Internet for a year. I wanted to see what my life would be like without any of the usual pastimes of a young twenty-something living in New York City - and while I didn't take up nearly the number of exotic hobbies I thought I would, I did find myself reading all of those books I wanted to but just never "had time for." This experience re-ignited the desire in me to read, and I can recognize that nascent passion in many of my friends and coworkers as well. I think oftentimes it just feels overwhelming for people to pick up a novel and start from page 1 - so I have started atsix, an initiative to make literature more accessible, by sending out a new short story every evening at 6pm. It's a short, 5-10 minute, read straight to peoples' inboxes that allows them to tap into the escapism, education, and empathy that we can glean from books in an easy and straightforward way.

While I personally love to write, I know that I cannot deliver a wide enough breadth of content to represent all the types of literature out there. That's where you guys come in! I am looking for aspiring writers to send their work in! I hope that this will serve as an opportunity for up-and-coming writers to get their work out there - all genres are welcome, but please keep stories around 1200-1500 words in length.

Please don't hesitate to post questions here or email us at contact@atsix.org.

I look forward to reading your work!