I'm a newbie writer.

If you have an MC that is a Christian and prays to God to help them through a crisis of some sort.

How do you determine how God answers the prayer?

My wife told me that one author she reads and I can't think of her right now, the author lets God say yes, but it's a delayed yes after the mc has gone through more "trials and tribulations."

I'm leary because I don't want God to be a "Juke Box" or a mechanism to always give a yes or a source of "magic"
So I'm trying to do this and still show God respect and not use Him as a gimmick.

I thought of giving each mc a faith rating that would act as die roll modifier every time they "pray"
This "faith" rating would be behind the scenes, of course, the reader would never know this
again I don't want to belittle the power of prayer to the one True Living God.
I do like this method because even as the author I wouldn't know and I would just roll with it and use it to drive the plot.

Any ideas would be great.