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I believe God always answers your prayers with a no, yes or wait and we don't always no why. I suggested a die roll because sometimes I get a no and other times I get a yes. I wanted to use the die roll outcome as a means to make me work with it, just like in real life. God tells us yes or no or wait and then we have to deal with it. I wanted to be able to deal with it as far as plot. By rolling a die I precisely avoid Deus Ex Machina, because it's out of my hands. I'm not "calling it in."

It's to bad because your solution as far as I can tell is to forget the story all together or leave God out of it. That comes across as humanistic.
I understand where you're coming from, but if my solution sounds humanistic, then yours, quite frankly, sounds superstitious. It's like you're equating prayer to a randomized, unpredictable, uncaring, chaotic game of chance which sometimes helps you win and sometimes doesn't. If you don't mind me saying so, the fact that prayer is none of these things (which I'm sure we can agree on) makes your solution more ridiculous, not less.

I'm not saying to "leave God out of it." Not at all. I'm just saying that it's extremely difficult to depict an infinite being in a finite format. Depending on what your story is about (I'd love it if you could let me know in a reply), incorporating God as a character or as a plot device simply is not a great way to start.

I'd be glad to give further advice, but I'd need more info on what your story is about. May I ask what you have in mind?