First of all, I'd like to sincerely apologise if I am accidentally duplicating something that already exists. I did have a look through the forums and couldn't see anything recent, hence why I am here. However if a similar thing already exists, please point me to it and I'll shut up and go away!

Okay, so, like many other writers, I also have a blog which I have been sporadically posting in for about six months or more. Recently I've figured out a theme for it, have rejuvenated it and am now looking for fellow writer-bloggers, whose blogs I can read and keep up with. I wondered if there were any writers with blogs out there interested in a group for us, where we could talk/review latest posts, guest-post for one another and just generally be supportive in that field.

I'm over at and I'd love to follow other writer's blogs and help out if I can. I love the communities that can build between writers with shared interests (just like here!).

Thank you!