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Thread: ICE Now Forcing Some Immigrants To Wear Yellow Bracelets

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    The most depressing part is the comments on the twitter feed. Lots of "What's to complain about? It's better than the cardboard shacks they lived in back home."

    Apart from the disgustingly ignorant assumption that cardboard is the construction material of choice for every country south of the US (because there's no other possible reason they'd be trying to leave, right?), these are CHILDREN we're talking about. They need their parents, because they're CHILDREN. They need proper loving care, because they're CHILDREN.

    I can understand the urge to see adult criminals suffer in prison, even if I don't agree with it. It's not always easy to feel compassion for thieves and rapists and murderers, and some people percieve border-crossing as a form of theft (I guess?). But what kind of monster looks as a roomful of innocent little kids and thinks, "I'd never want to see MY child in that situation... but eh, it's good enough for them. Not like they're actual people with thoughts and feelings and stuff. Not like maybe they'd want to see their mom and dad. I'm sure they never sob themselves to sleep when the fear and loneliness are overwhelming. I'm sure they're perfectly content to be held prisoner without reason or recourse, and without knowning when or if they'll be set free or reunited with their families."
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