Hi all,

I've been revising my first novel for ages, and I still love it and think it's got good chances, but the process takes so looooong. Now I'm at the point where my agent has revealed the list of publishers we're targeting, all pretty major, international imprints. But she thinks the novel still needs a last edit to be sure the story pushes all the right buttons. I trust her judgement, so I know I'll do the edit (she's going to do a line edit first, so bonus).

It's so close! Yet...it's still taking so long. I'm at the point where I don't like to talk about the book to people because they can't fathom how slow this all is. And I feel like a split personality -- yes, I want to give the book the chance it deserves and that means biting the bullet and revising one more time. On the other hand, I'm disappointed the book still wasn't quite ready yet. It feels like it never will be and I'll be stuck in editing hell forever.

So I could sure use a bit of a pep talk. Why don't writers have cheerleaders?

Thanks. :-)