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Thread: Dialogue modes?

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    Dialogue modes?

    Hi AWers, I've been thinking about dialogue, and how to identify their modes or type.

    Currently, I have three in mind:

    • Conveys information
    • Conveys emotion
    • Commands action

    Conveys information

    "Andrew is coming around five-thirty," said Beatrice. (The dialogue here conveys information)

    Conveys emotion

    "You have a five-thirty appointment with that witch in the Upper West Side," said Candice. (Same. Conveys information and also conveys emotion of disgust or hatred "the witch...")

    Commands action

    "Get moving," said Candice. (Candice commanding Andrew to leave)


    "You're going to be late! And you know how Beatrice is with tardiness," said Candice. (Candice indirectly commanding Andrew to leave)

    Basically, 3 C-s of Dialogue. I may be missing something, so I want fresh eyes on this. Are there other dialogue modes I'm missing?
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