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You might actually have more luck trying to find someone who's either part of the background crew or a minor actor. For your purposes, you can assign that insight to your writer, but unless the writer is very well established, or a guest on set (such as a novelist who is being given a cameo in their novel's adaptation), they mostly stick to the writers' room.

You might also consider making your writer the "on-set expert" in whatever field is best for your fictional movie. Like a retired cop or academy trainee if it's a crime film, or a geologist if it's an adventure set on an uninhabited island, etc. That would give a real reason for him to be on hand at all times.
My first idea was to have him present for only one scene, since the location is close to his apartment and since the adaptation is generating controversy (studio interference, demanding lots of changes to prevent lawsuits) I thought it’d be convenient to have him around so he could help edit the shooting script.

But your other suggestion is good too! I’ll have to think on that one.