Goodreads will allow you to share what you post there to Facebook and Twitter, if you allow it to. There are settings in Goodreads to let you control how much is shared. The common things that get shared are when a user updates their reading status (say 44% done with X book) or when a book review is posted. I don't let any of that get shared, largely so I don't spam my friends' feeds with Goodreads posts.

There was a time when it was desirable to link social media accounts. You didn't have to remember as many passwords, and your log-ins went more smoothly. With all the problems social media platforms have had of late, it's not seen as such a good thing anymore. For me, Safari is excellent at keeping passwords and keeping them safe, so I'm happy to keep all my log-ins separate.

Goodreads is ideal for letting readers find your books. It's also ideal for letting your friends and readers know what you're reading and what you've read. The best way I've found to interact on Goodreads is through clubs. I'm in a handful of book clubs. I tend to post what I'm reading, plus the odd comment now and again, and sometimes I post when I have a book out. I also have my Goodreads account tied into my blog, so my blog posts show up there. Explore the site to figure it all out. There's a Frequently Asked Questions section that I think will also help you out.