First of all I want to say how helpful these postings have been. Thanks so much. In my reading, I kept coming across the word Goodreads so I figured I could find out more about it by signing up. I had some problems signing up and I could use some help. The top box asked for my name, then the middle box asked for my email address , then the bottom box a password. No problem so far. Then I clicked to continue and immediately three questions arose:
1. I get an option that says "Continue with Facebook". My question is . . . I am signing up for Goodreads, why does the issue of Facebook even come up?

2. I get a second option that says "Continue with Amazon". Again, I am signing up for Goodreads, why does the issue of Amazon even come up?

3. I get a third option under the heading "Sign up with email" . . . and under that option it says "Sorry, you must enter a name to sign up for Goodreads." My question here is . . . I put my name on the previous page in the top box. I put in my first and last name.WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM ME HERE?

Any help you could give me on the above issues would be most appreciated.