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Thread: Do your coworkers show interest in your writing?

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    I just resigned from my job after 16 years. But I wrote my first novel in it's entirety while employed. I did tell my co-workers and some customers and was met with varying levels of interest. Almost everyone asked what it was about. Some read it, the ones who did said they enjoyed it and reported back. Some of their feedback was helpful.

    About a third told me they wanted to write a book, to which I always asked, "Oh, do you read?" and the answer was close to ninety-nine percent, an always puzzled "no?" How one expects to write a book having never read one is beyond me.

    I was keen on talking about it while I was writing, but once I got into editing, agent research, querying etc. it got super annoying. No one I know in the real world understands the industry, nor the craft, at all, so when the rejections starting rolling in everyone began to fall in to one of two categories, either the "well-meaning" "experts" or over-consolers with trite overnight success stories we've all heard and of course the obligatory J.K. Rowling reference.

    And the impatience of all of those folks was overwhelming. I got tired of explaining what a query letter was. The I got tired of explaining that even if the perfect query letter hit the perfect agent right now nothing was guaranteed and it could still take years (if ever) to see my book in print.

    The "experts" could do it quicker. Obviously I'm doing something wrong in the industry they know nothing about.

    And the consolers... oh the pity.

    So I just stopped. I kept researching and querying and looking for ways to improve and just stopped talking about it. When I left this past Saturday I'm pretty sure the only person who understood my new gig was designed specifically so I can keep writing (and whatnot) was my boss. So much so that when his wife pointed out that my new venture is somewhat seasonal and somewhat part-time he responded, "but, she'll keep writing." His tone said, "DUH." In all of the hoopla surrounding my departure not another single soul said a word about my book.
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