Iím not a full time author yet, so I still have a 9-5 day job in a corporate office. Iíve only told a few coworkers about my writing pursuits. (Iím normally a reserved person)

The thing Iíve noticed is, when I tell them the good news about getting an agent or landing a publisher, the most theyíd say is a polite ďCongratulations!Ē then ask no further questions. Absolutely zero questions on what my book is about, or who the agent/publisher is, etc.

This is true for both the coworkers Iím close with, and those on my team.

Has anyone else experienced the same thing? Iím not expecting pats on the back, but Iíve been a little surprised none of them proceeded to ask more. Especially because if someone were to tell me theyíre writing a novel, at the very LEAST Iíd ask what itís about. But that could just be because writing is my life!