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Thread: Do your coworkers show interest in your writing?

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    Most of my closer co-workers (ie the ones from my unit and the ones I felt a connection with) knew that I was writing. Some of them helped me with concrete details (the ones who were professional police officers who had worked before actually on the field, some helped me with fight scenes, others with details on drugs and other details important for certain plots. Most for fight scenes, though). I was asked how I found my inspiration, why I chose those settings, how I write, etc.

    When I published my books, they came to the launching events or, the ones who couldn't because of having little children or commuting to outside the city, asked for the novel with autograph.

    I wouldn't understand about agents and so either, even if I keep reading about them here, because there aren't any in my country. The publisher and the author together do what agents usually do elsewhere, I understood. And there are other countries where no agents too, mine isn't the only one. Greece, Russia, are the one I know, but maybe Italy and France too (as I guessed from some interviews with writers and publishers from those countries).
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