It's hard to get other people as interested in your stuff as you are. All you have in common with your coworkers is that you work in the same place. They (in general) won't have any interest in (or idea about the process of) writing. Occasionally, perhaps, one will; most won't. Or someone will take a polite interest in you and engage in a light conversation, but that will be the end of it.

If you want to talk about your writing, a better bet than looking to get your coworkers interested in it is to find a community - whether local friends, or a community like this one, or both - of like-minded people who love to talk about writing. I will confess: I joined AW precisely because I was dying to talk about process and technique, and had a limited pool of real-life contacts for such conversations. I was working those contacts as much as I dared, but I didn't want to wear them out. So, I came here - and it's been exactly what I wanted.