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AbWrite is about as helpful as other online accumulations of random strangers. Only people who can make friends get help, and I am terrible at making friends. I'm abrasive and ugly, even online. I can't get a better crit group; I'm lucky if people talk to me at all. It's social skills that count, because only people with social skills can get other people to help them. I'm unable to do that, even here.
I cannot agree. You are among a self-selected group that includes a great many introverts and loners with poor social skills, myself among them. What are they doing at AW that you're not doing?

What I see them doing is something you're fully capable of doing, which is talking about writing and books with other writers. But you don't. I imagine you could answer many beginners' questions, give thoughtful critique, do beta reads with more useful input than the one you received, share the title of a recent read you enjoyed and why, and so on. But again, you don't. Instead, you blame you lack of social skills, knowing that you're "abrasive and ugly," because that's easier.

I don't see it as you unable to make friends here. I see it as unwilling to put forth the effort to be part of the greater community.

Maryn, blunt at times