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Thread: All right, someone please convince me not to quit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RemusShepherd View Post
    The other novels I've sent to 20-30 agents before giving up. But that takes some research into what agents want and which are still in business -- the landscape changes every few years. I haven't done in-depth research for this novel yet.
    Okay, firstly, unless you're in a niche genre, 20-30 really isn't many queries at all.

    Secondly, yes ... agent research takes work. If I'm getting this right, you're annoyed about not getting requests on the 9 queries you've sent out for this MS despite not having properly researched the agents you sent it to? I'm not even sure where to start with that.

    Anyway, you're working on such a small sample, it's hard to know where the issue lies. Could be your MS is superb but your query letter's terrible. Could be the opening chapter/s need reworking. Could be you've sent it to unsuitable agents (having not, yanno, researched them properly). Could just be bad luck/bad timing (frex your genre not currently selling).

    Have you considered putting the query in QLH and/or the opening chapter in SYW?

    eta: FWIW, I know any number of brilliant writers who haven't managed to get rep yet. Some of the best books I've read over the last few years were ones I beta read ... and most haven't found an agent to take them on (and the writers who are repped are struggling to sell them). Basically, there are a LOT of talented writers with wonderful MSs out there. You can't rely on talent alone to get it done -- you have to do your due diligence (agent research, query research) and have patience when submitting queries for each new MS to give yourself a shot.

    eta 2: Sorry, yes - CNR = closed no response.
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