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Thread: All right, someone please convince me not to quit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RemusShepherd View Post
    Hi, folks. Haven't been on these boards much but I wandered back here. Let me give you a quick C.V. of me as a writer:

    First published a short story 20 years ago.
    Published one more short since then.
    Was told by a famous editor to write novels.
    Have since written five novels.
    I get accolades from everyone. No less than four Hugo award-winning writers have told me I'm a "great writer" and "on the cusp".

    Haven't gotten published.
    Haven't gotten an agent.

    Help me out here. Anyone?

    I can better you by 10 years young lad, I published my first short story nearly thirty years ago, told to write novels, written at LEAST 10, drafted another 20.

    I've had FOUR agents, have NEVER sold a novel. Not ever.

    But by my reckoning, I NEED newer, less experienced people like you to quit (sly grin). Because if everyone who is younger or newer than me at the game quits, eventually I will outlast everyone. It's the long haul. And people behind me in the game are expecting me to quit, but I won't.

    That's how you do it... sheer persistence.

    (PS: I didn't get my first agent until I'd been writing 21 years)
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