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It's social skills that count, because only people with social skills can get other people to help them. I'm unable to do that, even here.
It's short notice, but consider Sage's beta project. Subs are going on right now. Your personality isn't going to be on display, just the first 750 words of your novel, posted anonymously. You're not guaranteed a beta reader, but people are offering based on your work alone, not who you are (because they won't know).

I've found beta to be really hit or miss. It's taken me years to acquire two good crit partners, and they have their own lives and schedules and are sometimes tied up and can't help me out. It's hard to get a good reader.

But if you keep doing the same things, you're likely to get the same results. Rage if you need, but maybe also put some of that energy into change, even if that change is uncomfortable. Is uncomfortable really worse than your 20 years of frustration?