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Doing that, I found 39 possible agents. 10 of them are not open, despite what those sites said, or have since retired from the business. (One disappeared and is listed as a missing person!) That leaves me a total of 29 agents, some of them at the same agency so I can't submit to both. That's it, that's all there is in the industry available to me. How can I find more? How do you find more?
querytracker.net lists 180 science fiction agents. Even if 2/3 of them don't qualify (same agency, wrong subgenre, etc.) that's 60 right there.

I also found listings in those fat "how to find an agent" paperbacks. You have to verify the info, because it might be a bit out of date, but I did see names there that weren't in querytracker.

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I did both of those for one novel, years ago.
Maybe time to dust off the keyboard and try again?

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I feel I've had enough patience, and am allowing myself a moment of fury.
You're absolutely entitled to your emotions.

What I (and maybe a few other people) am saying is that you seem to be assuming facts not in evidence when analyzing the situation, and I wonder if reframing might help you get past some of the rage.

I also want to say, as gently as I can, that most of us on this board have been told we're good, many by people with just as many qualifications as your Hugo-winning editor. A good writer doesn't always produce a publishable novel. An outstanding writer doesn't always produce a publishable novel. And please understand, I'm not implying your novel isn't well written. There are niches and approaches that get saturated and/or fall out of favor. There are a million reasons a brilliant book might not get picked up.

I'm aware you know everything I'm telling you. I'm aware it probably doesn't help. Some of what I'm doing is sharing thoughts that have helped me during dark times. My hope for you is that you can process some of this less destructively, whether that means continuing to write or not. But you really are among people who get how you're feeling.