So a few times now I've started novels, but when I realized a basic idea would work better than a former one, I've needed to rewrite entire scenes. Currently the one I'm fighting with is 2300 words long, which isn't a ridiculous amount of copy but I...was so proud of it. Emphasis on "was"...

Because the thing is, I've thought of an alternative that might actually work better, yet I did feel like that scene was written so well. I hesitate to go back and change it, not only due to losing the writing (in the actual book - obviously I have another doc for "unused" scenes) but because I'm so afraid my first instinct may have been the better one.

How on earth do you decide? I'm sure I must not be the only person who had a change of heart in how to manage a new direction in a book. I'd love others' input on this. This sort of thing trips me up every single time. It's tripped me up for 30 years now and has kept me in the article writing business rather than holding a book in my hands with my own name on it.

Thanks in advance.