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Thread: World's dumbest attorney gets into a restaurant...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fingers View Post
    Id like to know how he figures these employees would be on welfare or food stamps? They have jobs. Oh yeah I forgot that all immigrants are automatically enrolled in welfare and food stamps, and remain on them for life, even if they have jobs. How does someone who lives in NYC, not ever see the statue of liberty or learn about what it stands for?
    Kool. Aid.

    For at least some time today, Google had this photo up when you searched his name, and someone suggested the category "Mexican Restaurant" on Yelp.

    Beyond flooding him with 1-star reviews, I think people have been sending him a lot of Mexican food, which I will say is *totally* unfair. We were promised a taco truck on every corner and we got Trump instead. His racist supporters should NOT be given free Mexican food.
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