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Thread: The latest GOP tactic to rig the midterm election...

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    The latest GOP tactic to rig the midterm election...

    The deceitful GOP is trying to stack the deck by getting conservative candidates on the ballot as Democrats to thwart the upcoming Blue Tsunami. Once these fake 'Democrats' are elected, they will switch their allegiance and vote with the Republicans. The GOP can only win by cheating. (Duh!)

    Here is one example:

    Trump-loving bigot running as ‘Democrat’ tries to hide his record

    This isn't isolated. There are other fakes running across the country. Spread the word, and make sure you research the Democratic candidate you plan to vote for. Check their record to see if they mirror your values and aren't a wolf in sheep's clothing. The GOP will stop at nothing to keep their illegitimate administration in power, and the dirty tricks have only just started!
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