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Consider what other effects genetic manipulation and implants are going to have on your futuristic society. It can't just be "make people eight feet tall".

Also, why is it so important to these people to be eight feet tall? If they feel that tall people are more commanding or intimidating or whatever, why not just select the tallest people in society to be bodyguards, rather than spending billions of dollars on the scientific research that will be needed to result in this sort of genetic manipulation and implants?
I would have genetics and implants being used for other things besides just for height variables.

I'd be ok with that. Collecting as many of the tallest people in society as bodyguards but everyone keeps telling me that it's very rare and unrealistic to have 7 foot guys like that so the next step to make it plausible would be enhancements. I don't see why so many consider it to be such disbelief. There are top athletes that tall and if they had groups like that breeding over the years, couldn't that be a good enough excuse why so many 7 or 8 foot bodyguards would exist in the future?