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Thread: Need some help with my mc and antagonist

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    Quote Originally Posted by neandermagnon View Post
    Yes if you get the genetic engineering right. You'd have to do more than just change the genes for height in order to overcome the problems with someone whose body's otherwise designed to be around 6 foot growing to 8 foot. I wouldn't go into details about this though, just saying that people have been genetically engineered to be taller, stronger and more heavily built would be sufficient.

    Not sure what you mean by implant enhancements though. Genetic engineering is sufficient to make people bigger.

    You could also selectively breed humans to be bigger, as long as you're careful to avoid genetic illness caused by inbreeding (same as with dogs, horses etc) - it would take more than 100 years to do this. That's only about 4-5 generations in humans. Dogs can breed at two years old, so 100 years is around 50 generations of dogs, so changes from selective breeding happen much faster. (Although if the world isn't concerned about ethics at all, getting humans to breed at age 13/14 would give you more generations in a shorter time.) Or you could combine selective breeding with genetic engineering to speed things up a bit.

    Note that all of these things are unethical on a massive scale. As far as plausibility goes for fiction, your world's political system would have to be sufficiently bad to explain why such things are allowed to go on. There is no way I'd find it plausible that a democratic society with human rights legislation would allow any of these things to happen. But if your world is dystopian, then yep, it's a good way to get your 8 foot tall humans and show the society's callous disregard for ethics at the same time.
    Well say the antagonist was originally supposed to be 6 foot 2 but he used genetic engineering to make himself taller so he eventually got in the high 6 foot something range or close to 7 feet. Same could be said for his bodyguards, though everyone keeps telling me that it still would be unrealistic due to being 7 feet tall, would be almost so difficult for a guy to move around as opposed to a guy that's 6 foot or 6 foot 2, which is more believable. I looked up some 7 foot guys like wrestlers and found guys Big Show and Big Cass who are 7 feet. Big Cass looks like he moves fine and is able to jump in and out of the ring and he's not using any genetic engineering as far as I know. But I could be wrong about his mobility or any of those big wrestlers being able to move that fast cause camera tricks does say a lot.

    Breeding might be a more bigger challenge. Sure the antagonist or society would have to breed tall people, starting at a very young age to get those generations going but all these ideas could all fit in my dystopian fascist era. Genetically engineering could fit fine in that world too. But if we have guys today like wrestlers, athletes, worlds strongest men and actors like Mountain of GOT, I don't see why guys like this can't be recruited or just exist in my story without an explanation.

    There's a game out there called Wolfenstein, if anyones familiar with it, which takes place in a dystopian 60's era run by nazis and one of the main antagonists is 6 foot 8 and far as I know he has no body genetic engineering done.
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