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The publishing industry works very differently: It's state controlled.

So, all the publishers must meet government-approved guidelines.

As far as I've been able to determine, you submit to the publishers themselves; however, I have seen instances where the editor solicits pieces (not a scam), or a writer already with a publishing house helps the publisher recruit other writers or translators (again, not a scam).

But submitting to HK publishers or agents is close to a lost cause if you're targeting the Mainland, or if you're writing novels and intend to target the HK market. The HK reading public prefer magazines and newspapers, or manga, and all in Traditional Chinese.

If you're writing a novel and want to publish in HK, you're looking at the Expat community (English in this case) -- it's huge here, but the adults' reading tastes vary greatly and I've seen mainstream fiction purchased more than genre fiction. If you're writing for kids, say 8 years old up to 13 or so, you have a huge market for an English novel.

For both the Mainland and HK, parents will spend whatever it takes (if they can) on their kids' education. This includes fiction.
Thanks so much for this, I've learned a lot! You are very knowledgeable about the publishing industry there!