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Thread: Seeking Beta Reader for Novella on Mental Illness (45,000 words) [Description Added]

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    Seeking Beta Reader for Novella on Mental Illness (45,000 words) [Description Added]

    I am seeking beta readers for my latest project, titled '9 Ways to Normal'. It is a realistic fiction novella focusing on explaining different diagnoses in story form, while also pointing out that normal is a subjective experience, based on personal experiences, and that "Nobody's normal." I have reached as far as I can by myself, and I need some fresh perspective.

    9 Ways to Normal is about nine different people, and each has been diagnosed with a mental illness of some sort. The book is dialogue heavy, and it is focused on group sessions with a therapist before branching into individual POVs of the night after the day's session. It explores the way "normal" is subjective, and that even mentally ill people have a version of normal. The point is to show these different normals, while also noting the differences from typical people.

    The diagnoses covered are Bipolar Disorder, Savant Syndrome, Schizophrenia, Autism Spectrum Disorder (more specifically Asperger's), Bulimia, Schizoid Personality Disorder, Clinical Depression, and Alcohol Dependence, Each character is unique in their upbringing, with different views on religion and life in general. Each representation is as accurate as I could make them.

    I have posted a sample in SYW - Other. Feel free to check it out to see what my writing style is.

    Thank you for your time.
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