GenreCreations was built to provide an alternative venue for authors, artists, poets, designers, editors, reviewers, and everyone else who helps create stories, art, and books of all genres. It will also be for those people who love reading those stories.

When you share something with your fans here, it won't be hidden behind an advertising paywall. Nor will we force you to use your real world name if that is not in your best interest.

No one here will be playing morality police so you can share your book excerpts, cover art, or other creative endeavors like photography without fear of the ban hammer falling on your head.

This site is in its early stages of development. This is intentional, because we want everyone's input on how it should work, and what it should offer.

Please join our community.

And just so you know, we’re not looking for money. We want this to be a group effort and we’re willing to put in the work to make it happen.