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Thread: How to write outlier POC groups?

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    lost her spaceship again MynaOphelia's Avatar
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    May 2014
    I am replying because I am curious about this myself! I have also found a few ways to deal with this in my own writing.

    The current project I'm doing research for takes place in rural Siberia. One of the main characters is an ethnic Buryat. I have struggled to find resources about modern Buryat culture and the relationship Buryat people have with white Russians around them. My goal has been to find resources written by Buryat people, as resources written by non-Buryat people tend to romanticize and exoticize their culture.

    So far what has helped:
    • News articles about these groups and their current struggles within their countries
    • Interviews with people from the group
    • Encyclopedia-like resources, Wikipedia, etc, while obviously only scratching the surface, will often link you to other articles and resources about the group
    • Universities from the countries where the group is from--it is likely that at least several universities in Mexico and Latin America will have a Department of Mesoamerican Studies, or resources about them!

    I suspect that if you also look for resources in other languages, you might find more, like for your Mesoamerican character. Maybe you could figure out what google searches you would need to use, translate them into Spanish (or any other language that might yield more results) and translate the results back in English? I've been considering doing this for Russian. Of course, nuance will be lost in translation, but it might help in finding resources written by people of that group.

    I am also curious what other peoples' ideas are!

    In the end I would also always recommend getting a beta reader from that group.
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