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Thread: 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature Cancelled Because of Sexual Abuse Scandal in Committee

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    It's weird.

    One of the reasons why it has become so bad is that it's very, very difficult to change trusts in Swedish law. You basically have to fold the trust and redo it from the ground up. The Norwegians have it easier with their prize. They can change that trust much more easily.

    The science prizes and the literature prize? They're captive inside their organisations, and inside the wills that govern them. Otherwise, the "Nobel Prize" in Economics would have been folded into the rest of the prizes, instead of being given out by the Central Bank.

    This can have very strange outcomes. There are trusts in Sweden with a lot of money inside them that can't disperse the money they have because the beneficiaries don't exist anymore. A while back, there was some hand-wringing about a trust who had to support miner handymen stricken by poverty - a class of worker that doesn't exist anymore. Just like thatchers or switchboard operators. The trust for the miner handymen had over one million dollars in it.

    So, you have this Royal Academy that was set up in the 1700s as a reward for idle rich noblemen to extract a pension from the state without having to do any work. Whoever is admitted has to post for life, as was meant back when the point was to get that pension. When Alfred Nobel wrote his will, the Royal Academy didn't actually want to give out the prizes because it was work, and that wasn't part of the deal.

    And since people can't leave the institution, you have all sorts in it. The infighting becomes extra petty and extra poisonous at the best of times. At worst, like now, you have dangerous individuals in the periphery.
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