Sorry if this is elsewhere already, but has anyone heard much about this at all? I'm only catching sketchy details. It surrounds Faleena Hopkins trademarking 'COCKY' for a title and forcing other authors to change theirs.

On April 14th, 2018, Romance Author Faleena Hopkins put out a trademark for “Cocky” in what is allegedly an attempt to protect her book series, The Cocker Brothers, from being copied by other authors. On May 1st, 2018 another trademark for “Cocky” was also processed. There are slight differences between the two trademarks, both of which were originally filed for consideration by the Trademark Office on 9/12/2017

From one of the authors forced to change their title:
NEW COVER!! No More Cocky.

In light of the current situation with the new trademarked name from another author, TL Smith and I are required to change our title.
We appreciate all the support given by readers and fellow authors. You guys seriously rock!!
The cover is in the process of being updated on Amazon so if you want the old cover, get in quick. If you want the new cover, hold's coming.
Mellissa Jane

I can perhaps understand the stylised font trademark for the first one, but then it also looks like she's going after Cocky in standard character too. And it's unclear whether it's only for a series, or includes single novels.

I've not really seen this before with romance titles.