I saw a post asking about people's favourite lit mags - but all the magazines mentioned were in the US.

I know a lot of AWers are across the pond from me, but anyone have any UK Lit Journals or 'zines they love to read and would be proud to be published in? We do not have as many, so it'd be great to get feedback on the good ones.

Obviously for Lit Fic, "Granta" means you've pretty much made it. I used to read it a lot in my uni days, but now I find it hit or miss. A lot of the stories can be pretentious and really rather "samey". That said, I still love their collections in "Granta Books".

I think The White Review has come along remarkably since it started. It has some really interesting stories and I'd love to get published there. It's probably my favourite mag at the moment.

I also really like Litro and Neon.

Any others I should look at?

It seems as soon as I find one I like, it closes down or they close submissions. I still miss "Brand" and it looks like something has happened to "Sein und Werden"...