After not a lot of response on previous months' challenges, let's make this simpler, okay?

I present a few ideas to challenge or inspire those who write, or who are ready to write, erotic fiction. Any writer can pick one (or more) of the prompts and write a story which meets its requirement. It can be any length, any heat level.

That can be the end of it. You reply to this thread, announce you wrote something and on which prompt, receive congratulations, and call it done, never showing it to anyone.

Or you can post the resulting story on the password-protected board at Share Your Work - Erotica (see this to get the password, if you don't have it) and get qualified feedback on your story. If you do not want critique, please don't post your work.

Nobody has to post their story, and nobody should post an erotic work anywhere at AbsoluteWrite besides Share Your Work - Erotica, which requires you to have the password and 50 posts. (Critiquing the work of others is a great way to get there--and you'll learn a lot, too.)

Reminder: Moderators do not distribute the password. You get that by stating your are 21 or older and asking for the password in a private message to AW Admin or MacAllister.

This month there are more ideas and several are deliberately geared toward shorter works. Come on, you know you want to try it.

1. A scene in which two characters meet in an unusual way—and both feel strong attraction right away.
2. Sex scene takes place outdoors.
3. Sex scene reveals at least one character has a psychic or paranormal ability.
4. Involves a birthday party.
5. 980 to 1020 words.
6. Set at least 150 years ago, anywhere in the world.
7. Military setting, any military, any era, any place.
8. 250 words, exactly.
9. From the point of view of a non-human sentient creature or being.
10. Sex scene takes place entirely in complete darkness.
11. Sex scene involves exhibitionism.
12. 500 words, exactly.