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Thread: Urban Fa beta readers for 3 chapters

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    Urban Fa beta readers for 3 chapters

    Hello AW,

    If possible, I'd like to find some readers who are pretty familiar with Urban Fa to straight up tell me if the MC comes across as too cliche in the opening. There's a big tonal shift to more serious/weird from chapter 4 onwards so I'm not as concerned about later sections; I just think I might have over done the apparent cliches a tad. Or a lot. I don't tend to read UF so finding it hard to gauge.

    I've had a decent chunk of feedback on my current MS, and am still in that cycle of revising/sending out stuff to a handful of betas etc. However, my betas don't typically read much UF either! We're the "other" sort of SFF I suppose.

    Anyways, pm or post here is good. I can read chapters in exchange, too, as long as you're happy with me being not-very-familiar with UF ;-) assuming that's what you write. But I've beta read quite a bit of stuff so that probably counts for something.


    Here's the query letter I hope to use for it (and as you might guess, it's profanity-lade, sorry!):

    Remy is a waitress, scraping by in the waking world. Ro is her dream-self, fighting monsters in the dreamworld.

    Remy has depression and a catalogue of failure. Ro has magic guns and kickass friends.

    Remy is planning to commit suicide. Ro is pretty sold on staying alive.

    If Remy dies, Ro is fucked.

    If Ro wants to keep living, she must breach the divide between worlds (no problem) to save someone who doesn't want saving (little harder), while not breaking reality in the process (no promises).

    ANCHOR (TO YOUR OTHER SELF) tells the story of two different women in two different worlds, who share one life between them.

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