Lakey: I’d love to come over! (But for the whisky, not the beef. I’ll make some veggie noodle soup and have that instead )

Layla: My fav was Gaston. What a set of pipes the guy has!

You’re absolutely right, Keithy. I still sometimes fall into the trap of thinking no words = complete waste of time.

Daniel: I’m glad your new method is working well. I prefer time too, because it takes into account all the sticky bits and tricky scenes.

I wrote around 800 words yesterday on a couple of projects. One was totally random, and the other was my potential new book. I’m not sure I like it yet, but time will tell, I suppose. I want to give this no-outline thing a chance, so I’m gonna keep plugging away, entertaining myself as I go, and see where I end up. Adventures into the Unknown etc etc.

Day 26: Decent bit; 7 miles; 10pm pizza, wine and Westworld.