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Thread: Forever Redlit: Halloween v Hellraiser

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    Feb 2018
    This is where the problems came. Regardless of how well scripted it was, my hopes to bring the two comic publishing divisions of those rights together were never going to work. If only I had realised sooner.
    Yeah. If you mow someone else's lawn without permission and then knock on their door asking for payment, it doesn't matter how well you mow it. You won't get paid for it.
    On the other hand, you know how to get the interest of agents. Which is a big plus for your practice. Unless you're well off - and who is in this economy- you're probably not going to get an artist anytime soon. Reality is you won't get one for free. Instead look toward submitting to the comic publishers who accept scripts without the art. There should be a list somewhere on this subforum. Of course formatted correctly and all that.
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