Personally, I would love if they went back and did miniseries for Babycakes (#4) onward, but then it would probably negate everything that's happening in the current miniseries Jeepers, that doesn't seem to stop them from rebooting superheroes in comics and the movie adaptations!

And now, Maupin's hinted he "might" go back to write a novel about what happened to Mona between #4 and #7 to help fill out her story and give a little more closure BECAUSE OF COURSE WHY NOT (*drop-kicks nook reader across room in retaliation*). Wouldn't surprise me, as coy as he and Laura Linney both were when this miniseries was announced (an interviewer asked Linney about a rumor she was working on a new Tales miniseries four different ways, and she only responded in a deadpan "yes" each time. I HATE YOU, MARY ANN!)