I cannot even begin to tell you how fucking THRILLED I am! I'm going to finally have to subscribe to Netflix's streaming service just for this.

Laura Linney, who played Mary Ann Singleton in the original three miniseries based on the first three books of Armistead Maupin's Tales Of The City series, dropped coy hints last year about her possibly returning in the role...well..she point blank replied "yes" during an interview when she was asked "would you return to the part?" and "is there truth to the rumor...?" but offered no further information.

Earlier this year, Maupin himself confirmed there's a deal with Netflix to bring Mary Ann back to 28 Barbary Lane, with Laura Linney returning and Olympia Dukakis reprising her role as 28 Barbary Lane's landlady Anna Madrigal for 2019. So far, the only other casting that's been announced is Ellen Page will be appearing as Mary Ann and Brian's daughter Shawna and Barbara Garrick will be back as DeeDee Halcyon Day. Plot details are sketchy at the moment, the script being penned by Lauren Morelli, who also wrote and co-exec producer of Orange Is The New Black, but it sounds like they're taking a cue from the eighth book Mary Ann In Autumn; Maupin has also mentioned that skipping a huge chunk of the series is due to the fact too much time has passed between the first airing of Further Tales Of The City, the third miniseries, and now, so they've decided to bring the characters into the present day to reflect that difference.

As a gay man and as an author, the books have been so important in my life. I cannot stress this enough. They were one of the first positive depictions of other gay men I'd encountered in fiction at a time when I needed it; Further Tales... had just been released when I found out about the series and I was able to find them at the library where I worked at the time. The characters are amazing and the stories are just so, so wonderful to me; they're laugh- and cry-out-loud gems. One year, I think when #7, Michael Tolliver Lives, was released , I went back to the first book to read them in order (I did that each time a book was released from #4, Babycakes, to #9, The Days Of Anna Madrigal, but subsequent rereads in between have caused me to lose track of how many times I've read the series. Let's just call it nine for the sake of initial argument), and this time, I studied Maupin's writing and what I could use to improve my own. I learned better technique for ending chapters and developed a better ear for dialogue but again, these books are just absolutely fucking amazing.

God, I hope I'm not setting myself up for disappointment...