I naturally write silly nonsensical prose and insane poetry, sometimes filled with made up language, word play or outright humour. I love playing with language. Think along the lines of Spike Milligan or John Lennon to get an idea.

I would like to feature all of this together one day in an anthology of course, but I know I need to put some of it out there initially to even get recognised. But my concern is, where? How? Who? I am concerned if there is an audience for this these days, and if there is, what magazines do you think I should target submissions at? I don't know of any magazines (online of physical) that cover general humour , only a few niche ones like political satire (Private Eye) and crude fun (Viz).
Heck, I don't even know what category to call it myself, I just write it!

Any help to this fledgling aspirant would be greatly appreciated.