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Thread: When Betas Collide

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    Beta readers read finished manuscripts, usually as a last step before considering submission.

    As an unpaid beta reader my focus would be purely and simply on the flow and content and clarity of the novel being read. And it would be my personal reactions to what I was reading.

    You can indicate to a beta reader if you want them to focus on a particular aspect, but there are no beta-reader rules to be followed.

    Beta reading has nothing to do with writing a Query Letter.

    Quote Originally Posted by novicewriter View Post
    I kind of thought beta-readers were supposed to give advice based on agents' rules or guidelines and/or what they've said causes them to reject queries (i.e., convoluted queries with too many characters and plot mentioned, when agents say they prefer it to be simplified, where the focus is on the main plot and MC's journey), to help the author polish it in a way so that the author's query won't be immediately rejected; that's what I try to do, anyway.
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