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Thread: When Betas Collide

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    When Betas Collide

    So I've been fortunate enough to find a bunch of great beta readers for my story. Their feedback has been immensely helpful, both negative and positive. But today, I had two betas point out the same sentence in my MS. Except one of them thought it was, and I quote: "an A++ sentence" while the other thought it was awkward. Never have I had a clearer example of how subjective this bussiness is. But it got me thinking...

    How do you people handle criticism like this, when two betas go completely against each other? How do you know which way to go?

    It could be applied to bigger stuff too. What if one beta thinks you need to axe an entire scene because it doesn't further the plot, but another beta absolutely loves the scene?

    Lastly, have you had any situations like this yourselves?

    Let's discuss!
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