Richard and Judy (hopefully the UK peeps will know who I'm talking about!) are on the hunt for a first-time author with the potential to become a bestseller. Their search is supported by WHSmith (who launched R&J's book club), and the winner will receive a 30k publishing deal with Bonnier Zaffre and specialist advice from literary agency Furniss Lawton.

You need to submit the first 10k words of your adult fiction (which rules me out, as I'm a YA writer), as well as a full synopsis. They're accepting most genres except SFF (which would also rule me out, lol), and the novel must be at least 80k words.

The closing date is 14th June 2018, but you have until 28th December 2018 to finish your novel (which is great if yours is still a WIP at the moment!). The competition is for unagented authors and only open to UK and Republic of Ireland residents, though (sorry to everyone else).

You can find out the full details at Richard & Judy's Search For A Bestseller 2018.

Good luck to anyone who submits!

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