The manuscript has around an 86K word count, it's a science fiction drama meant for adults, and it features multiple POV characters. The setting is far-future, space-set, and despite being scifi, I think it has a fantasy-esque quality because of how far-removed it is from current reality, and also because of all the monarchy/aristocracy and theocracy involved. This contains gay and straight sexual relationships, lot's of drugs, and space lasers, so if you have issues with any of these things, this may not be for you.

Here is a blurb I came up with to describe it:
In a distant future where biology and technology are one and the same, we have forgotten our origins. Born from the wombs of living starships, strange new breeds of human live in a strict caste system. Ship-birthed lords rule vast interstellar kingdoms, and primitive societies still living on planet surfaces toil away under their feudal tyranny. Monarchs born of the noblest of ships vie for power as a great war threatens to extinguish the stars themselves.

It has everything you didn't even know you needed in your life:

  • Centipede dinner parties

  • Phallocrypts

  • Weird fungus

  • Space lords

  • Pyramids

  • Pirate orgies

What I'm looking for
I want to know what I'm doing wrong, and I want to know what I'm doing right. You can be brutally honest with me, as long as I get a complete picture.

I'm looking for feedback about the story as a whole, but I also welcome more detail-oriented beta readers with more focused, small-scale critiques. What I do need for sure is someone who can read it all within maybe a month or two and provide me regular updates on what they've read and their feedback (like preliminary feedback after the first few chapters).

No special experience/credentials/accomplishments needed.