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It was my best friend, so I trust him. I just gave him the first 50 pages. I read somewhere that's a good thing to do.

Thanks, all.
Was it a first draft or a polished finished version? I would never give my first draft for anybody to read. The way I see it, first drafts are just the process to get it all out on paper without worrying if it's good or bad, and the real writing process (rewrites and editing) can start. In my book, first drafts are supposed to be terrible, I'm not ashamed to say that mine are. I have seen so many people who were so worried about producing a good first draft that they kept going back and editing the beginning and never finishing it.

It is good to have a beta reader to get feedback, but I find it best/most productive to give it to them once you have your draft polished and in the best shape possible and you can't see how to improve anymore. Then, they can point out ways and areas you didn't think of to improve on.