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Thread: Sean Hannity was Michael Cohenís ďI donít want to name himĒ client

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xelebes View Post
    I don't think Hannity's relationship with Cohen is about covering up any extramarital affairs. Instead, I think he is the one feeding Hannity his big stories: Seth Rich, Uranium One, etc.
    • Two oligarchs are intercepted by the FBI.
    • Broidy is named in a probe into a Ukrainian payment.
    • Mueller investigates a $150K donation to the Trump Foundation by an oligarch, solicited by Cohen.
    • A week later the FBI raids Cohen's offices.

    This is about money. Big money. Russian money.

    Cohen has more than three clients. He can easily throw two under the bus. But not the others. Not if he wants to stay alive. Which means the FBI - and Mueller by extension - has more power over Cohen than anyone can imagine.

    Hannity is a side show. He probably put some money along with Trump is some shady real-estate affair and is about to get caught red-handed.

    Stormy Daniels is even less of a side show. Her case will ever be pushed down the pile until the day everything else is done. By that time Cohen will have been dealt with - by the mob or the FBI. In the mean time she and her lawyer make one heck of a cheer leading team, keeping the dirt in the new cycles.

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