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Thread: Pig farm in US-southern state.

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    For drinks, lemonade or iced tea would be pretty standard, certainly something cold.

    However, if she actually offered them a "cold drink," it would be understood that she meant soda. Just as they say "pop" in the north, around here "cold drink" is the catchall term for soda (even if the soda is warm - which confused me no end when I first moved here).

    It's hard to describe in writing, but the syllabic emphasis and speed is slightly different when one says "cold drink" meaning any drink that happens to be cold, vs. "cold drink" meaning some variety of soda. The soda version has the emphasis on the word "cold," with the same cadence and pitch as if you were saying "shoe store."

    Another fun term I learned when I moved here: Old-timers refer to avocados as "alligator pears." It's such a lovely, evocative phrase, and makes perfect sense to boot.
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