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Thread: Pig farm in US-southern state.

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    Pig farm in US-southern state.

    I'm trying to create a plausible scene. It's a small farm run by a poor black single middle-aged woman whose adult children have all flown the nest. She has a few pigs and chickens. It doesn't matter which state: at present I have her in Georgia but really I have no idea.

    questions: her little farm is leased from a bigger farmer. What kind of farm would that farmer have? Corn? Cotton?
    She has guests. What would she serve them, if they turn up unexpectedly? I'm thinking of a little snack she'd have in the house. What drink would she serve?

    The guests are pastors. It doesn't matter what church; she herself is a church member. What church do you suggest, common for that state? How would she address the pastors .. Reverend? One is local, the other from San Francisco. They could be of different denominations.

    She's upset about her run away daughter. Would she use an expression in which she talks of hauling her little ass back home, or would ass be too strong an expression for a church lady, in front of a pastor, even if she apologizes afterwards? This is in the late 70's. And this is really just one short scene.

    Thanks for any tips/suggestions.
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