Just popping back to say that I have two spots left. and if you're serious about writing fiction, I want you. ONE GOOD SCENE is designed to help you reach the next level, whatever that level is. If you're just getting started with fiction-writing, it will ensure you build on a solid foundation. If you're at the point where you're getting "good rejections" but no cigar, it could make the difference. I never, ever promise that students will end up with trade publishing deals. It happens sometimes,to my delight, but not that often. The only thing I promise is that participants will come out of the experience better writers than when they entered. But who wouldn't want that?

I know there are some people who think you can't teach writing, unlike painting, music, architecture, photography and all the other arts. Either you've got it or you don't, they claim. Sorry, but I think that's nuts. Real writers learn all the time, often from other writers. They get better over time; they sharpen their old tools and acquire new ones. I'm so passionate about this workshop that I offer a money-back warranty to folks who start the course and decide that it's not for them. Never been taken up on it, but I stand ready. If that doesn't make it a no-brainer, I don't know what would.

Okay, standing down now and making myself a soothing cup of extra-caffeinated coffee. I'll hope to hear from some of you, and please do mention that you're from this forum. There's a discount for Absolute Writers.