Hi all,

I’m pleased to announced that my Next Level Workshop One Good Scene is now open for registration. Class will begin on Thursday, May 18, 2018 and end on June 27. This is is an intensive 7-week online workshop for fiction writers that includes weekly lectures, writing assignments, peer critiques given and received, and detailed feedback from me on every assignment.

One Good Scene is based on two premises.

First: that a story or novel is composed of a series of scenes strung together with narrative, the way beads are strung on a chain.

Second: that all the skills needed to write a story or novel come into play in the composition of a single scene.

A writer who can produce one shapely, tense, fully-realized scene after another can write a publishable novel. By focusing on the very manageable goal of crafting one good scene, writers hone the very skills needed to write a novel.

This workshop is open to fiction writers of all levels of experience, from beginners who want to build on a solid foundation to published writers intent on honing their craft. Because its focus is on the crafting of an individual scene, the workshop is useful for fiction writers of any genre. As in all the “Next Level” workshops, my goal is to help writers reach the next level, whatever that is for each individual. I do this, in part, by keeping the classes very small.

ABOUT ME: I guess most long-timers here know me, but for those who don’t, I’m a writer who worked extensively in the publishing industry. My 8 novels and 2 non-fiction books were published in the U.S. by Viking, Doubleday, Morrow, Simon & Schuster, and Crown and abroad in many translations. My “day job” was a 20-year career in publishing, as an editor and a literary agent. After I gave up the agency to focus on my own writing, I began teaching fiction writing, first at SUNY and Hofstra University, then through my own online school, Nextlevelworkshop.com. My career has allowed me to see publishing from just about every angle. Now I bring all that practical expertise into the classroom, along with a strong focus on craft.

For more details about the course, including the tuition, please see the description on my website. There is a discount for forumites, so if you decide to take the workshop, make sure you mention that you’re from here. Also, please note the money-back warranty, which makes this course a no-risk proposition (and a no-brainer, in my not so humble opinion.) Here’s some feedback from writers who’ve taken the course and survived.

If you have any questions or would like to register, please either post here, PM me, or email me at next.level.workshop@gmail.com. Thanks!