Thank you. It was a moment. In the last 5 or so years, our Mennonites have switched from buggies and horses to taking farm implements into town. The religious prohibition on cars and pick ups still must hold but I am only guessing.

Recently I saw a young couple pull into the Home Depot parking lot in Hutchinson. They were as enthusiastic as any young couple looking to some house shopping, holding hands and laughing. They were driving a huge tractor and the young man had to reach up and lift the young woman down. It was both comical and romantic. The lady in the baler made me smile because I pictured her at home, mixing a bowl of something and discovering she was out of vanilla or liquid smoke or pickle relish. she thinks oh, darn, Heber has the tractor. I'll have to take the baler to town.

Justo had it right, just outside of a tiny town called Yoder. Google it. You'll smile. --s6