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So yes, M/M readers do have very strong reactions to mixing women in the series. If you can change the first book to match the rest of the series, it will do better.
I actually don't plan to change the book, for two reasons. The first is that M/F Book 1 was picked as a romance of the month by the Washington Post. I was proud of this, and when I self-publish it, I'd like to have that recommendation somewhere in the book (or even on the cover). I don't think this would be possible if I rewrote it to be a gay romance.

The second reason is more emotional - I like the heroine of the book. I don't want to erase her and replace her with a man; that would feel fake to me, like the gender version of whitewashing.

But at the same time, you're quite right about M/M readers having strong feelings towards het romance. So while I intend to publish this book as straight, I won't advertise it as part of the series. In my head, it always will be, but M/M readers who pick up the series won't get M/F romance unless they seek out my other books on their own.